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.TH represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Thailand. Registry is managed by THNIC. Aside from eligibility, registrants must also submit legal documents to prove the validity of their business. For this reason, many companies operating in Thailand choose to use generic domains such as .COM or .BIZ. If your company is interested in owning a .CO.TH website, Marcaria can make the process easy for you. Contact us today.

TH is also popular for other definitions. It is used to abbreviate Thursday (day), threshold (government), time history (database), Trinity House (religion), Territory of Hawaii (location), theoretical hypothesis (mathematics), tax house (government), truth hurts (online chat or SMS) and trying hard (slang).

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What are the types of .th domain names?

There are three types of .th domain names:

1. Third-level domains, which are totally open - anyone can get one for an annual fee. Popular third-level domains include "co", "info", "net", and "org".

2. Second-level domain names reserved for specific purposes, but not restricted to the organizations or individuals holding rights to them.

To get a domain name under any of these categories, an organization or individual must apply to the THNIC.

What are the registration restrictions for a .th domain name??

Registration of a .th domain name is open to any individual or organization with an address in Thailand. However, there are some restrictions on what can be registered under each category:

1. Top level domains (e.g. .com, .org.): No restrictions

2. Second-level domains for public organizations and educational institutions: The organization or institution must be registered in Thailand, and the domain name should reflect their official activities.

3. Second-level domains for non-profit organizations: The organization must be involved in public interest activities (e.g. environmental conservation, human rights, gender equality).

4. Second-level domains for private companies: The company must have a registered Thai address.

5. Second-level domains for organizations and individuals: The domain name must reflect their activities or service provided.

Why choose a .th domain name?

The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Thailand is ".th". It has been managed by the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) since 2006. In addition to ".th", there is another popular ccTLD in Thailand, which is "Bangkok".

The .th domain name extension offers many benefits, including geographical information and search engine optimization (SEO). Many companies are now choosing a .th domain name because of its benefits.

What are your thoughts on the new domain extension .th?

I think that .th is a great idea and it will be beneficial in many ways. I believe that having a local domain extension for Thailand is going to be convenient when promoting a business to a global audience.

This will allow people to get more information on the website and help clients be able to find it easier than having a .com or other global domain name.

This is beneficial for Thailand because it would make the country seem more modernized in technology rather than exclusive to high-tech countries like US or UK.

Who controls the .th domain names?

.th is under the control of T.H.NIC Co., Ltd., which is the corporate entity of the Thai Network Information Center Foundation. The THNIC manages various resources related to ICTs, including domain names, IP address allocations, and AS numbers by representing Thailand at Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

What are the common second-level .th domains?

Common second-level domains include:

·"ac", "co", "or.th", and "go.th".

Many other types of names can be registered as well, such as those that represent websites with Thai content, such as "th.or.th" and "go.th".

Other second-level domains include:

·"com.th", which is for commercial entities of Thailand

·"academy.th", which is for tertiary educational institution in Thailand

·"sch.th", which is for primary educational institution in Thailand

·"gou.th", which is for governmental organizations of Thailand

·"health.th", which is for healthcare-related institutions in Thailand

·"mil.th", which is for the defense department of Thailand

·"net.th", which is for ISP companies providing internet services to the general public in Thailand

·"org.th", which is for organizations of Thailand

·"tourism.th", which is for tourism-related institutions in Thailand

·"gov.th", which is for governmental agencies in Thailand

There are more than 100 types of second-level domains registered under the .TH top-level domain.