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What is the .tiffany domain name?

The .tiffany domain name is your chance to make your website a destination for all things related to luxury jewelry and timepieces. Whether that's fine jewelry, watches, or accessories – the .tiffany domain name has something for everyone passionate about luxury.

As Tiffany & co. continues to grow as a global leader in the industry, it only makes sense that they would seek out new opportunities through which they can further engage with their loyal customers and fans.

In addition, the .tiffany domain name will mean not only something to Tiffany & co. but also to consumers who are passionate about fine jewelry and timepieces.

Who is eligible to apply for a .tiffany domain name?

Any individual or entity who meets the following criteria can submit an application to register their desired .tiffany domain name:

1. Global commercial presence and activity

2. A legitimate connection to Tiffany & co.

As a luxury brand, it is important that applicants have some sort of value proposition tied back to Tiffany & co. When considering if an applicant has a legitimate connection with Tiffany & co., we look at various factors including but not limited to:

having company headquarters in New York City is recognized as one of the finest jewelry brands in the industry by third-party sources, or is internationally recognized as being associated with high-end products.

What can I do with my new .tiffany website?

Your new .tiffany web address will allow you to share your passion and knowledge on a particular topic, provide more information on your business, or even showcase an online store.

This registration gives you exclusive control over your site name which reflects directly upon your company or personal brand as well as it's easy to remember & gain trust from end-users that visit your site.

What is a .TIFFANY registry?

The .tiffany TLD (domain extension) will be managed by the brand owner. The admin contact person needs to provide full legal company information in order for their application to be accepted.

Domain names must include at least one character from the Latin alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9), or hyphens (-). Letters of the Cyrillic alphabet (а-ў) are prohibited at the beginning of a name and only letters from the Latin alphabet are allowed in the second part of a name.

A which does not have any Cyrillic letters in its name is considered to be a Latin domain. There are no restrictions on the number of characters or how many different languages can be used in a name.

Applicants from all over the world will be able to register .tiffany names, except for people and companies from "restricted countries list".

What happens after signing up for a .tiffany domain name?

Upon signup, customers will receive an email confirming registration of the requested .tiffany domain names. Within approximately 24 hours after registration, customers will be able to see their newly registered .tiffany domain in the Domain Manager Control Panel.

What is some restriction when applying for a .tiffany domain name?

Tiffany & co. prohibits domains of the following types:

- Pornographic content

- Sites that support any activities infringing on the US or International law

- Non-US Military, Political, Religious groups

- Gambling-related materials

Applicants are prohibited from submitting false or misleading information when applying for a .tiffany domain name.

If the brand believes there is sufficient evidence that an applicant has not provided accurate registration information, it will be reviewed by Tiffany & co. the legal team and they will make the final judgment on whether to approve or reject that specific application based on their discretion.

What makes a great .tiffany website?

Any individual who possesses knowledge about fine jewelry, watches, fashion accessories, or has a business related to fine jewelry will find this extension beneficial in reaching their target audience.

Having a .tiffany domain name allows you to showcase your passion for the brand because it's easier for others to remember and recall when they visit your site.

This is especially helpful when promoting online stores since customers can immediately associate your website with Tiffany & co., making them more likely to shop from your web store instead of going directly to the main site.