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What is the .toray domain name?

A .toray domain name is a domain name that has been placed on hold (registration deactivated) because the TLD (Top Level Domain) registry in Japan has canceled the registration because the holder of the domain did not comply with terms and conditions.

What are Toray's terms and conditions?

Toray does not release any information about its terms and conditions. Anyone who needs to know should contact them directly.

However, we can tell you what Toray does say regarding names they deem offensive which would contravene their rules: They will NOT be releasing information regarding this to anyone other than law enforcement agencies or when ordered by specific court order.

Why choose the .toray domain name?

This domain name can be a useful tool for those who want to create a website that is controversial or has something to say about Toray Co.

Those wishing to register this domain must first understand the rules of the TLD registry, and then carefully read their terms and conditions before proceeding with registration.

Once registered, anyone will be able to see that the website belongs to you. The domain name can never be used by anyone else – it is your property so please use it safely and responsibly.

The .toray domain name – a guide:

1) You cannot have a .toray domain if you do not meet their criteria - obviously! So don't try! They are very protective of their rights as holders of the .toray gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain).

2) You must avoid using any name, term, phrase, or mark which infringes on another's rights.

3) Nor can you use Toray Co.'s copyright material without their consent – again, something to bear in mind before registering this domain name.

4) You cannot disrupt the community or undermine public order and morals.

5) Do not use the .toray domain for an illegal purpose.

6) Do not commit fraud against Toray Co. or anyone else. That too is obviously something to consider VERY carefully before getting a .toray domain name!

7) If you are not the right holder of this domain name you MUST immediately notify Toray Co. You must also ensure it is transferred into the right hands

8) The .toray domain name can be canceled or transferred at any moment if Toray Co. deems this necessary.

9) Failure to comply with these conditions will result in your application being rejected and your registration fee lost.

10) By registering a .toray domain you indemnify and hold harmless Toray Co and everyone connected to them against any loss, damages, or costs suffered as a result of using this domain for an unintended purpose.

11) Toray Co insists that by registering a .toray domain you accept the above terms and conditions AND the rules of the Japanese TLD registry – as do we! Please read further below as well as the terms and conditions of the registry.

12) If you accidentally infringe their rights by registering a .toray domain name Toray Co. will NOT be able to help you – so please take note before proceeding with this registration!

13) Please do not write to them asking for confidential information as they will not provide it and it will cause problems if you send them such requests. They recommend that any relevant inquiries should be made directly, respectfully, and in Japanese.

14) Any email sent from your .toray domain must only originate from an e-mail address provided by you (preferably your own personal one). The reply-to field must clearly show your correct identity or company name. You cannot use web mail hosts like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.