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What is the .total domain name?

A .total domain name is a domain name that is almost the same as what you would expect from a normal, or generic top-level domain.

It was created to allow owners of all kinds of brands and trademarks to protect their names in the digital world.

It's particularly important if you are an owner of a strong trademark or brand, as it may be used by other people who want to exploit your good reputation without having any relations with you. It protects you from cybersquatting and typosquatting.

What are the benefits of a .total domain name?

The .total domain name is an excellent choice for companies that need to protect their brand in the digital world.

It's also beneficial because it helps to build your overall brand. Other than that, when you use a .total top-level domain name for your website address, people will be more likely to recognize who you are when they see a familiar extension of a branded name.

- You can protect your strong brand or trademarks

- You can reserve the exact same top-level domain as your official website's address, without any risk of misspelled addresses by visitors or customers.

- You show people that you are 100% committed to what you do and deliver, which is good for trust issues!

A .total domain name prevents other people from adding misspellings, additions, and similar to your brand or trademark. It also prevents them from creating a misleading similarity between them and your company.

In addition, a .total domain name is an important tool for protecting your corporate identity within digital communication channels.

What happens if someone tries to register my company's name with another top-level domain?

If someone registers a potential typo of your company's name with another TLD (.club, for example), you may not be aware of it until that person starts using that alternative spelling as a website or email address, either maliciously trying to pass themselves off as being related to you, or simply trying to benefit from the marketing you've worked hard to build.

With .total, you can leave nothing to chance with your brand or trademark. Registrations of typos and misspellings will be refused, so there's no risk of losing control over it.

What can I do with my new .total domain?

After you register a .total domain name, you can start using it right away! You can use it as part of your marketing strategy and help reach out to potential customers by making sure that they easily find your business on the Internet. In addition, this means of marketing is cost-effective and allows you to build online visibility.

What's the difference between a .total domain name and other domains?

A .total domain is similar to other TLDs, such as .com, but with some small differences. While it has its own rules regarding the protection of trademarks, there are also stricter security measures taken for this type of top-level domain.

The strict security features are especially important for companies that need to protect their strong brand in order to avoid any risk of cybersquatting or typosquatting attacks.