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What is the .travelers domain name?

The .travelers domain name will be for sale to the general public, just as other gTLDs such as .com and .biz. However, it is also being designed to be beneficial for the consumer and travel industry.

The .travelers domain name will be a place on the Internet where travel-related information and services can come together.

The goal of having a .travelers gTLD specifically designed for the travel industry is so that it facilitates cooperation between tourism organizations, corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and anyone else who has an interest in promoting travel as a means to build sustainable economies for all countries.

The .travelers domain name will be a veritable powerhouse of travel-related content and offers from participating companies.

And because only one company may register each travel-related term, there will be no need to compete with other registrants for names.

What are the benefits of using the .travelers domain name?

The potential benefits for consumers are many:

A single source from where travelers can access deals from multiple suppliers and in turn they can post deals and services that they offer to others who share their interests.

A series of web pages that define a set of terms specific to the particular topic covered by the website (such as vacation packages).

A powerful marketing tool; using keywords commonly used by people interested in a particular topic.

The .travelers gTLD will benefit the travel industry as a whole by providing an easy way to publish up-to-date content for each travel-related term, without requiring much effort from the supplier, and at a low cost.

Suppliers can choose to cover a certain topic or niche area of interest related to their business, or they can choose to post information about several topics under one website so long as the information is unique and specific to each individual topic.

In turn, it saves time and money for suppliers because there is only one registration fee required per supplier rather than having to register separately for every category that a supplier provides products or services for.

Another benefit that suppliers will gain is that consumers searching for a supplier who provides a certain product or service will be able to find the supplier more easily.

Who is eligible for registration of the .travelers gTLD?

The eligibility criteria for domain name registrations under the TLD is applicable to all individuals, organizations, and companies (Suppliers) seeking to register a .travelers web address.

In general, domain name applicants must provide a valid reason for registration and cannot register a .travelers domain name unless they have a connection to the travel industry.

Suppliers seeking to use the gTLD will have the ability to register different versions of their company or product names, but each version would correspond with a different topic or type of service that they offer.

What is some registration restriction?

While .travelers has no general restrictions, it does offer Suppliers the ability to decide which web pages are available for public viewing and how much information is shown within each webpage.

For example, a supplier might choose to register their company name as well as post a brief description of their company under one website, or they may wish to cover several topics by registering different versions of their company or product names and then posting more detailed information under each version.