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What is the .trust domain name?

The .trust TLD is dedicated to providing a trusted and secure environment for users, businesses, and others that wish to associate themselves with its underlying message.

The .trust domain is intended for use by the healthcare industry as well as government, financial, and insurance organizations with a public-facing product or service needing authentication, security, and integrity.

What are the benefits of .trust?

The .trust TLD provides a trusted space for the public to readily identify sites whose information they can trust.

The .trust domain extension signifies that the entity behind it is using the Internet to provide public access to information about their service or product.

The goal of this TLD is to be able to create an online place where users can go and feel safe in the knowledge that all organizations utilizing this gTLD will conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner adhering to industry-standard protocols.

Every business, organization, individual, and website that uses this extension sends a message that security, privacy protection, authentication efforts are important.

Using .trust communicates an extra level of confidence for customers by confirming these essential elements exist on your site.

It adds value simply by association - when you look at a .trust name you know that the site is legitimate and has met a set of minimum standards.

Using .Trust tells your customers that you are committed to providing an enhanced Internet experience by delivering better security, protection, authenticity, and service.

The goal of Trust is to help users find sites they can trust for online transactions, content sharing with family members, information gathering about healthcare concerns, or government services.

Sites utilizing Trust will likely have authentication efforts in place as well as encryption which adds another layer of security for your customers. This extension will also communicate to search engines that your site is trustworthy

Why should I use .trust?

Transactions are done on .trust websites typically are protected by higher levels of security, encryption, authentication protocols.

While this is not always the case it is an overall benefit to send your customers signals that your site has these protective measures in place.

Additionally, you will be joining a community of sites that have committed themselves to attain a minimum standard for their business.

You can expect to have security and privacy protections in place protecting not just your visitors but yourself as well - which makes it easier for your customers to trust you with sensitive personal information.

Trust is the first of its kind domain namespace created to help all website owners improve their trustworthiness, security, and privacy protection.

It provides a clear message that you are taking your online business seriously by providing for best practices across cyber-space.

As explained above, .trust sites will typically have authentication protocols in place as well as encryption which adds another layer of security for your customers. This extension also communicates to search engines that your site is trustworthy.

What is a registration restriction?

The following types of sites and pages will not be allowed:

Sites or services that aid, assist, or facilitate

(I) the creation, management, and/or distribution of illegal activity;

(ii) committing fraud;

(iii) harassment;

(iv) intellectual property infringement;

(v) providing forgery as a service.

As an example - you cannot use Trust if your business is in the development of counterfeit software. In addition, it would likely violate trademark laws to have a site that counterfeits high-value goods such as luxury clothing, watches, etc.