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What is the .tui domain name?

The .tui domain name is the newest generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the ICANN new gTLD program. The .tui domain name is the new top-level domain name. It was created by Tuis, which is an application for smartphones and tablets.

3 reasons why you should get a .tui domain name:

1. Get ranked higher in search engines using your own TUIs

2. Show off that you are part of the Tuis community with your own unique Internet address

3. Showcase your business to Tuis users - they are specialists, designers, decorators, planners, photographers, event managers, and many more!

4. It is a great way for you to show your business or organization in a special, modern, and unique way.

What are the rules for .tui?

With each new domain extension, there are usually rules to adhere to when choosing a TLD name.

The .tui rules are:

1. The name must be at least 3 characters long, without spaces or special symbols

2. The maximum length is 63 characters

3. It can contain only letters and numbers

4. Each domain name extension is different, so be sure to double-check the rules before you apply

5. The only allowed symbol in the name is the hyphen (-)

The .tui gTLD is not open for registration. It can only be obtained by Tuis, which applies to becoming an owner of the TUIs. The application form must follow the new gTLD Registry Agreement and have a technical contact that meets certain requirements.

Why choose a .tui domain name?

.tui is a new gTLD, which means it has a lot of potential for growth and development before being widely adopted by many people around the world.

The new gTLDs are increasing in popularity due to their branding benefits, so why not get one for your company?

Here are some reasons you should choose a .tui gTLD:

1. High rankings in local searches - Get increased visibility with short TUIs that have the word 'Tuis' at the beginning of your domain name, which means lots of traffic to your site. Search engines prefer these types of keywords.

2. Show off that you are part of the Tuis community - Don't miss out on this opportunity! Be a part of an exclusive group that is growing rapidly by using your own unique Internet address as well as sharing it with other members who want to make their products and services available to more people.

3. Showcase your business to Tuis users - People who are interested in the community will use the TUIs they see on websites more often than ones they haven't seen before, so be sure to advertise yours!

4. Branding benefit of using a .tui gTLD - Owning a .tui gTLD allows you to get your brand out there, get high rankings in local searches, and show that you're part of the Tuis community.

The application process for obtaining a Tui is not like applying for other new domain name extensions; it requires filling out an application form and having technical contact information in order to apply. The purpose is because it's still in beta, which means it's still being developed.