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What is the .tushu domain name?

The .tushu is a new gTLD (generic top-level domain) that can be used by companies to provide information about their products and/or services that are provided under the counter.

So, for example, Chinese customers who want to purchase certain products or services can directly find the information they are looking for under the .tushu domain.

What kinds of businesses can register a .tushu domain name?

The general criteria for registering a .tushu domain name are as follows:

(1) The offering of products or services provided under the counter.

(2) The site must provide information about the registration, renewal, and other use of these types of domains first.

(3) The site and the company or individual must be real and lawful.

The general conditions for creating a .tushu domain name are as follows:

(1) A company registered in China can apply for a .tushu domain name under its Chinese legal representative.

(2) Foreign companies that do not have a branch or agent in mainland China can only apply through an intermediary such as a consulting agency, which is responsible for the complete registration process.

A company such as, for example, a pharmacy or even Amazon can register its own .tushu domain name.

It would be the perfect platform to provide customer-specific product information and to increase sales of certain products.

Any business, individual, or organization can register a .tushu web address - provided they have an office based in mainland China or actually offer products or services within mainland China.

What can I do with a .tushu domain name?

You can use a .tushu domain name to provide product-specific information such as the following:

(1) A weapons store can register a .tushu web address, e.g., for example, "guns.tushu".

(2) You can open an online shop and sell products that fall into this category under the counter - and inform buyers about your .tushu web address (for example: "buycigarettes.tushu").

Any company or individual who wants to ensure they stay within the law when it comes to where they're offering their products is well advised to register the appropriate .tushu domain name as soon as possible as part of their Internet presence.

You can create an attractive web address for your business. As the site at the .tushu is very short, you will be covered in all search engines and customers will quickly find what they are looking for.

The .tushu domain name is also particularly well suited for online stores or to offer certain information such as drop shipping, etc.

You should register a .tushu web address if you want your company's web address not only to make sense but if it also sounds good!

What is the registration restriction for the .tushu domain name?

The following are restricted from registering .tushu domain names:

(1) A person or organization with a commercial registration must have an address at the location of the business.

Organizations are limited to one domain for each legal representative, domestic branch, or domestic agent.

Individuals are limited to one .tushu domain name per identity card.

(2) Someone who registers a .tushu web address must register any corresponding website in China that is used for online sales activities within three months of registering the web address.

If this doesn't happen within three months, the .tushu web address will be canceled and made available again on a first-