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What is the .tvs domain name?

The .tvs domain name is a new top-level domain for streaming video content. It's perfect for any website that delivers live or on-demand video to viewers.

Examples include sports sites, fitness channels, news outlets, event feeds, and more. If you're an avid streamer yourself, it makes a great home for your personal blog or community site.

This new top-level domain name, TVs is for people who want to establish a web presence with a TV or movie-themed identity.

This name is perfect for actors, directors, musicians, dancers, and other personalities in the entertainment industry.

Who is eligible to register .tvs domain names?

Anyone who wants to establish an online identity associated with TV, video, streaming content, or entertainment can apply to register .tvs.

There are no restrictions on eligibility.

Why choose the .tvs domain name?

The .tvs domain name is the only top-level domain dedicated to streaming content. Now, you can create a more specific web address for your website or business.

If you want a domain name that's short, memorable, and easy to type in a web browser, the .tvs domain is perfect for your needs.

This new TLD can help establish your online presence with an identity that has instant recognition value. It goes without saying that domains made up of shorter names are much easier to remember than those with long-winded extensions.

In fact, many website owners have reported better search engine rankings after switching from domains with lengthy URLs to shorter ones.

It's also more accessible on mobile devices. If you want to maximize the number of visitors who'll reach your site using smartphones and tablets, having a URL that doesn't take up too much screen space will give you an advantage over sites with long URLs.

There are also no restrictions on eligibility for this new TLD, so anyone who wants a shorter version of their website's domain can grab one here.

Are there any special requirements for using the .tvs domain name?

No, there are no special requirements for using the .tvs domain name.

You'll need to submit the following information when you register your .tvs domain name:

- The domain name you want to use.

- A list of requested subdomain names, if applicable.

- Your contact details, which can include a mix of personal and business contact information. This is also where you'll indicate your registration restrictions if any apply.

What are the conditions of use for the .tvs domain name?

The .tvs TLD is an open top-level domain, so anyone can register one.

However, TVStuff Limited reserves the right to set general usage policies for this TLD. If you violate these terms, your registration will be subject to deletion or modification by TVStuff Limited.

There are also certain prohibited uses of this TLD that you should keep in mind before applying. For example, you cannot use this domain name for pornographic content or explicit material related to violence and criminal activity.

You also cannot use the .tvs domain for any purpose that contravenes local law or infringes on the legal rights of others.

Your site must also adhere to TVStuff Limited's acceptable use policy, which prohibits illegal content like phishing, propagating malware, and distributing unsolicited ads (spam). Any third-party links you incorporate on your website must be visibly labeled as such.

You're also not allowed to implement marketing strategies that are libelous or defamatory in nature.