Expired .UA domains

Expired .UA Domains


.UA represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Ukraine. This ccTLD was introduced in 1992 and was intended for entities with connection to Ukraine. Hostmaster Ltd. is the authorized unit for carrying out the registry of .UA domains.

Registration Requirements

Registration of a .UA domain name is subject to the following conditions:


Any holder of a trademark valid in Ukraine

Domain name:

The domain name has to be an exact match with the trademark name

Intended Use

Entities connected with Ukraine

.UA Registry Information

Registration Service


Whois Server


Registration Date


Registration Price

$84.00 Annually

Registered Domains


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.ua domain name

A .ua domain name is the Ukrainian top-level domain. The Ukrainian internet users buy .ua domains as a digital identity on the web.

Who can use a .ua domain name?

Anyone who wants to register a website in Ukraine can get their own unique.UA extension for it. You will need to provide your business address and phone number in Ukraine. This is applicable for both, individuals and companies.

Who regulates .ua domain name?

The UA registry is administered by the National Telecommunications Union of Ukraine (NTUU), which also manages other top-level domains like .укр, .монгол, etc. The responsibility for managing country code top-level Internet domain

Who regulates .ua domain name?

The National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCSRCI) is the regulator of all things related to cyber security, domains names and IP addresses. It does this under the law "On Protection of Rights to Domain Names and Internet Addresses." The NCSRCI is a part of the Government Office.

Tips to choose ideal .ua Domain Name:

A good domain name should be short, easy-to-spell, and memorable so that anyone can easily remember it and share it with others. It must also be relevant to the business or website it represents. When registering .ua domain names, it is important to look at the domain name's availability. This means that the domain name should not be already registered.

Common subdomains for .ua domain

The most common subdomain extensions are:

com.ua - This is the most common type of .ua domain name. A com.ua address can be used for any business or website, regardless of its purpose and content

edu.ua - This extension is recommended for educational websites in Ukraine gov.ua - Government institutions like ministries use this subdomain to create their official websites on the web

org.ua - This extension is for any nonprofit or non-governmental organization

info.ua - People use this type of .ua domain name to create informative websites that cover a wide range of topics like news, education, and entertainment

ws.ua – Websites with their main content in the Ukrainian language can opt for this subdomain

What documents do you need to register .ua Domain Name?

To register your own personal or business website with a Ukrainian extension, you will first need to provide:

Business registration certificate - If you're registering on behalf of a company and not as an individual, then you will need to provide a business registration certificate

Letter of authorization - This letter states that the person applying for the .ua domain name is authorized on behalf of their company or organization

Power of attorney (POA) – If you're representing someone else's company and not your own, then you'll also need this document

How much does .ua Domain Name cost?

The price of a .UA domain name depends on factors like the length, type, and level of service you choose. This said the average cost is about $32 for a one-year .ua domain registration.

Some registrars offer discounts if you register for more than one year at once. Others charge extra fees for each additional feature that is enabled or included in your chosen package.