Expired .UG Domains


.UG represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Uganda. This ccTLD was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities affiliated with Uganda. Registry is carried out at Uganda Online while registration is processed via an accredited registrar like Marcaria.com.

UG also stands for: user guide, under graduate, universal grammar, user group, ultra grip, under the sun, unleaded gasoline, University of Glasgow, upper ground, use Google, upper grade, upgrade, University of Graz, Ultimate Glory, Urban Governance, Up Gateway, and many more.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .UG domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Uganda

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$48.00 Annually

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Who controls the .ug domain names?

The .ug ccTLD is currently administered and managed by the Uganda Internet registration Association (UIRA) on behalf of its members.

The Government of Uganda's Department of ICT (Uganda Communications Commission) is responsible for the .ug ccTLD.

What are the common second-level .ug domains?

There are no restrictions on who may register or what second-level domain they can include within their .ug domain name, as such there is a very broad range of second-level domains registered, many are related to companies or businesses.

Some commonly used second-level domain names include ac, ad, biz, com, edu, gov, info, name, and net.

.com.ug - for commercial ventures

.edu.ug - for educational institutions

.gov.ug - reserved for the Ugandan Government

.or.ug - for organizations that have or intend to register a .co.ug domain name [tech-savvy people]

Why choose a .ug domain?

Ugandans prefer to use the .ug ccTLD over other internationalized country-code TLDs, such as : co.ug, org.ug, or com.ug.

This makes it easier for Ugandans to find websites that are hosted within Uganda and also for foreign entities to create country-specific websites for Ugandans.

- Easier for Ugandans to find websites hosted within Uganda

- For foreign entities to create country-specific websites for Ugandans

As a popular TLD, the .ug domain is cheap to register.

.ug domains are recognized as Ugandan by both web browsers and search engines - so websites with a .ug domain are much more likely to rank higher in Ugandan search engine results than other ccTLDs or gtlds.

With up to 50% of Ugandans currently accessing the internet from a mobile device, many telecom companies have reduced their prices for data usage.

For businesses with a .ug domain, this means that they will be able to advertise and operate from within Uganda at a much cheaper cost than before.

Lower cost than alternative ccTLDs

.ac.ug - Academic institutions

.co.ug - Sole traders & local businesses (Tech-Savy people)

Easier to tell apart from other TLDs

.com – used globally, not specific

.or – or anywhere else (world), not specific and confusingly similar to .org which means "organization"

.ug – means Uganda

How can I register a .ug domain name?

Ugandan residents can register a .ug domain name as either:

1) an individual,

2) as an organization or

3) as a government agency.

Individual registrants must provide their full name, current home address, and ID number (passport number or drivers' license).

Organization and government agency registrants must provide:

1) the legal name of the company or organization,

2) their physical mailing address and

3) a list of contact details including email addresses.

What are the registration restrictions for a .ug domain name?

There are some restrictions on who can register a .ug domain name:

1) Names that are confusing or misleading,

2) Names that include the name of another person or entity without their consent,

3) False, deceptive or non-existent domain names and

4) Domain names that impersonate an existing Ugandan citizen.

5) Foreign entities are not permitted to register a .ug domain name unless they have an office in Uganda.

6) Organisations, government agencies, and individuals are not permitted to register second-level domains related to their organization or business.