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What is the .unicom domain name?

The ".unicom" domain name is a proposed new generic top-level domain (TLD) that will offer unrestricted registration for individuals, organizations, and companies.

It is designed to provide an option for anyone who wants to register their own domain name without the limitations of current TLDs. It can also be used by web hosting providers as part of the service they offer their customers.

Who is eligible to register a .unicom domain name?

Any individual, organization, or company may register a domain name under the .unicom top-level domain.

What are the benefits of registering a .unicom domain name?

The .unicom domain name is an unrestricted top-level domain specifically designed to provide individuals and organizations with a new option for registering their own web identity independent of the limitations of traditional TLDs.

Unrestricted: There are no restrictions on who may register a .unicom domain, except that only individual persons, organizations, or companies may register names within this TLD. There are no limitations based on nationality or geographic location.

A .unicom domain name is unrestricted and can be used for any purpose, including:

- Professional or personal email addresses - Personal sites - Blogs - Club or organizational sites - Servers or other resources on private networks.

The unrestricted registration policy provides freedom to use your .unicom domain for whatever you wish, including your personal website.

Also, because there are no trademark requirements for this TLD you can register any string as long as it does not infringe on anyone's rights or contain vulgarities.

What can I do with my .unicom domain name?

You can use your .unicom domain to host your website, email address, create unique resource identifiers, etc. There are no limitations on what you can do once you have registered the desired label within the TLD.

All registrants of names under this TLD must be individuals or organizations that fit into one of the three categories described in detail above. The only limitations are on registering infringing or harmful material and using your domain for illegal purposes.

How can I manage my .unicom domain name?

Because anyone may register an unrestricted number of new names within this top-level domain at any time without restrictions on how they may be used it is possible that more than one individual or organization could register the same domain (commonly referred to as "domain squatting").

However, unlike current top-level domains where there are restrictions on what names can be registered in order to prevent this type of activity, anyone may register any number of .unicom domain names.

This includes individuals and organizations that will never use their domain name and those that intend to harass other registrants.

Unlike most other TLDs, if you wish to delete your .unicom domain name you simply stop paying for it. When your registration expires others will not be prevented from registering the same string, but until you renew it no one else can use it.

You must restart the registration process again if want to reclaim a specific name within the TLD.

What happens when my .unicom registration expires?

When you register a .unicom domain name it is initially registered for one year and will automatically renew every year until you cancel the renewal.