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UZ refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Uzbekistan. It was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities affiliated to this territory. UZINFOCOM is the authorized body for carrying out its registry.

Aside for usage as Uzbekistan’s two-letter country code, UZ is also used to abbreviate other words. Popular meanings of UZ include: ultra zoom (photography), Universidad de Zaragoza (organization/academics), urban zone (online chat), University of Zurich (organization/academics) and Uzbeks (ethnic group).

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What is the .uz domain name?

The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Uzbekistan is .uz.Previously, Euracom GmbH ran the Registry, but it was later redelegated to UZINFOCOM. The registry website is cctld.uz.

The .uz domain name was created in 2009 and it's available for registration to both individuals and organizations.

It can be used as individuals' personal names and as organizational names. It's also worth noting that the domain is available with the following two second-level domains: ".co" and ".com".

How to register a .uz domain name?

In order to register as a .uz, you have to be a resident of Uzbekistan. Only individuals may register a .uz domain name and it can't be used for or registered with any governmental organizations.

In addition, the registry currently prohibits registration of .com.uz and .net.uz domains by local residents unless they have special licenses from the Ministry of Communications.

If you wish to purchase a domain name, you must first register with an official registrar (the registrar's office, on the website of the registrar, or e-mail). After that, enter into a contract.

Who can register a .uz domain name?

The .uz domain name is restricted to individuals. It can't be used as a company name or an organizational name. Also, the following list of entities are banned from using the .uz TLD:

- Organized criminal groups and their unions

- Individuals who have been convicted of terrorism or other terrorist activity offenses under Uzbek laws, and their unions

- Individuals and organizations that present a threat to national security

- Individuals and organizations that violate public order or morality.

Residents of Uzbekistan are permitted to register .uz domains. Aside from that, only organizations registered in the country may be allowed to use them for their websites.

Due to new rules enforced by the registry, many commercial companies are forced to purchase ".com" or ".co" domains.

Who controls the .uz domain names?

UZINFOCOM is in charge of managing and selling ".uz" domain names. Anyone who wishes to purchase a .uz domain must be a resident or organization located in Uzbekistan or registered with one.

In addition, local residents are required to provide proof that their company is registered with the Ministry of Communications or be working in a field related to communications.

What are the common second-level .uz domains?

The list of common second-level .uz domains is as follows:

-"blog" – well, a blog.

-"com.uz" – commercial entities based in Uzbekistan.

-"co.uz" – companies that are registered with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Uzbekistan.

-"edu.uz" – educational institutions located in Uzbekistan.

-"gov.uz" – official state entities of Uzbekistan.

-"int.uz" – individuals and organizations that work internationally as well as international organizations not registered in any other TLDs.

-"net.uz" – network operator companies authorized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Uzbekistan.

-"org.uz" – non-governmental organizations located in Uzbekistan.

-"pp.uz" – websites affiliated to an individual, not a company or organization.

-"sch.uz" – schools and universities located in Uzbekistan.

-"store.uz" – commercial entities that are registered with the tax authorities of Uzbekistan.

-"tk.uz" – companies that are affiliated to an individual, not a company or organization.

-"web.uz" – websites belonging to individuals who are residents of Uzbekistan.

-"wiki.uz" – all wikis located in Uzbekistan, operated by both governmental and private entities.

-"www.uz" – all websites that are registered with .UZ.

There are several variations of popular words that can be used as second-level .uz domains, but many of them have already been registered.

A few examples are: blog.uz, youtube.uz, yahoo.uz, google.uz, and fb.uz (used for Facebook).

Note that some second-level .uz domain names are reserved by the registry to be used with certain TLDs in the future, such as: .co.uz, .info.uz, and .name.uz.