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united-domains AG 350 11.36%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot 289 9.38%
IONOS SE 222 7.20%
Cronon AG 165 5.35%
Key-Systems, LLC 100 3.24%
RegistryGate GmbH 80 2.60%
Ledl.net GmbH 62 2.01%
Vautron Rechenzentrum AG 37 1.20%
INWX GmbH & Co. KG 29 0.94%
1API GmbH 29 0.94%

What is the .versicherung domain name?

The .versicherung Top Level Domain is part of a group of new generation TLDs that have been introduced to provide specific content within the web address.

In contrast to existing generic Top-Level Domains, these domains are dedicated to a certain industry or type of content, while also being familiar and easy to understand for both customers and companies.

These new domain name extensions can be used by company names as well as product brands that want to add an extra identifier on the web.

The different TLDs in this group, therefore, allow targeted communication with your own customers and users, but also increase your visibility when people search specifically for products or services like yours; they give you more opportunities for branding and marketing purposes.

Why is the .versicherung domain name relevant?

The term "Versicherung" (insurance) is commonly used in Germany and people often look for this type of content online. It is also a term that can be understood globally, as its meaning does not depend on the language or dialect of the speaker.

The German-language domain name extension makes it simple to find information on insurance companies or products through a web address, which helps you to promote your company’s brand more effectively.

The .versicherung TLD also has high link popularity among users from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – this means that if you have a product or service that fits into their specific regional needs, then this domain extension will help you connect with them even more easily.

What are the benefits of registering .versicherung domain names?

An address under the .versicherung TLD can boost your brand identity and recognition since it is shorter than using a generic Top-Level Domain (like .com or .org), but still helps people find you on the web by including your company name in it.

The short, clear term "Versicherung" is easy for customers to remember, so the .versicherung domain extension also serves as an effective branding tool. It can be used on its own or combined with other extensions if desired.

Several different groups exist within this new generation of TLDs, each dedicated to a certain industry or relevant topic. They are simple for users to understand and remember, so they can help your business stand out from the crowd.

The .versicherung domain name is also perfect for companies in the insurance industry, but it may be suitable for any business if you want to highlight your company’s website clearly.

Why are there different extensions in this group?

This specific group of TLDs includes many names that are well-known or will be understood globally by potential customers, which makes them simple to communicate with known partners and users worldwide.

TLDs within this new generation are being introduced gradually based on popularity and demand, so they can also help raise brand awareness when people search online.

The great thing about these domain names is that anyone could potentially use their own name in a TLD in this group, although certain conditions apply.

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