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What is the .visa domain name?

The .visa domain name represents the global Visa brand. The name opens doors for Visa to communicate with a large, diverse, and international audience.

It's also an organizationally strong choice for its business areas that include sponsorship, travel and tourism, retail banking, and global payment platforms.

Why choose .visa?

The .visa domain name gives Visa a unique opportunity to connect with people in a direct and meaningful way, particularly through the power of mobile devices. When consumers feel a connection to a brand, they are more likely to take action.

Visa is the only payment brand that's part of more than 90 percent of all credit card and debit purchases made around the world.

A custom .visa domain name makes it easier to build relationships with customers, partners, and employees; engage on a global scale, and achieve goals as an organization.

It also allows you to stand out as a leader in your field. Brands like Apple, IBM, or Nike use their own top-level domains (ex: apple.com) to tell consumers more about their products and services, how those can make them better at home or work.

Visa believes its unique .visa domain name will help improve customer service by giving businesses a way to communicate globally through one simple address.

What are the benefits?

Organizations that use their own .visa domain name will experience better communication with customers, partners, and employees.

The new domain also allows Visa to take advantage of the Internet's potential as a global marketing platform.

Finally, there are branding benefits that encourage Visa to communicate more effectively with its audiences on a global scale.

The .visa domain name offers many benefits including:

A strong digital identity on the Internet. Better connecting with your customers on a global scale.

Supporting internal efforts to more effectively manage operations globally.

When you register one or more .visa domain names, Visa offers you a wide range of free services, including:

- Personalized email addresses:

- WHOIS Privacy:

- E-Commerce Tools:

- A customizable website with your content at no additional cost:

These services will help you protect and promote your brand, improve customer service, and save time and money.

What are the rules?

Visa has established very strict registry policies to ensure .visa is used responsibly on the Internet.

This new domain name helps Visa meet its business objectives, while at the same time creating a safe and trusted online environment for consumers, businesses, and organizations alike.

You must have a valid Visa account in order to register for .visa domain names.

Visa reserves the right to deny you access to .visa registration, renewal, or transfer of your domain name if it is determined that you are not eligible under Visa's corporate sponsorship guidelines or applicable laws.

The .visa top-level domain is intended for use by financial institutions that are "accepting or facilitating Visa card payments" as well as "travel companies associated with travel authorizations issued by banks around the world."

It also may be used by businesses whose products or services are not directly related to payment acceptance but "are associated with travel, tourism, hospitality, and international trade."

Who can register .visa domains?

To maintain stability within the .visa namespace, registration of .visa domain names are reserved for members of the financial industry including merchants, issuers, acquirers, processors, and associations directly involved in electronic payments.

Other entities will need permission from these parties to get a .visa domain name. These restrictions help create an active marketplace where domain names are always available for purchase by authorized entities worldwide.