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What is the .viva domain name?

The .viva extension is now available to the general public for registration. It is an alternative domain name with global appeal that can be used by businesses, individuals, and groups who are active in the Dominican Republic.

It's also a great option for anyone who wants to convey vitality, enthusiasm, and nature in their online presence. The new TLD can support multiple languages of any type since it does not have a meaning attached to one language.

Who stands to benefit from using this domain?

The .viva domain name is designed to benefit anyone who requires a domain name that is instantly memorable and unique. It can be used by...

- Private citizens of the Dominican Republic or those who want to promote it online;

- Sport, cultural and commercial organizations which require a short and relevant name;

- Businesses looking for a distinctive web address;

- Government bodies and civic organizations seek an easy address for their correspondence.

The .viva domain name is ideal for anyone working or living in the Dominican Republic, businesses that are trying to reach this market, and any non-profit organizations that want to enhance their mission.

Examples of groups include eco-tourism companies, social service agencies, artisans, dancers—anyone who wants to share the vibrant culture of the country with an online presence!

A large number of internet users will benefit from using this domain including business owners, marketing professionals, software developers, e-commerce experts, and webmasters among others.

Everyday consumers will find this new top-level domain useful as well because it offers shorter, easier-to-remember alternatives to existing options.

Is .viva a restricted or unrestricted domain?

Unrestricted which means anyone can register a .viva domain name for any reason at any time, provided there are no third-party trademarks associated with it.

Restrictions do not apply in the Dominican Republic and only country-code top-level domains will be reserved for use by specific territories or geographic regions.

In cases where a brand has been trademarked, .com is still the best choice because it's unrestricted.

How does this new TLD compare with other available extensions?

Only five percent of all possible web addresses have been registered which makes it easy to stand out from the competition when you create an exceptional site address using .viva.

It's short, memorable, and catchy which makes it easy to access, share and remember. It also works well for businesses that are active in the Dominican Republic or want to target local audiences online.

If you're active in the region, .viva is an exceptional option for website addresses.

What sets this TLD apart from .com or other extensions?

It's easier to share, remember and connect with target audiences if you use a catchy domain name.

With .viva, you can create short links that are easy to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

A catchy extension also helps deliver messages more effectively over email because it can be easily remembered.

Lastly, .viva makes it easy to find websites published in the Dominican Republic through search engines like Google which means your site will receive more exposure online.