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What is the .volkswagen domain name?

The .volkswagen domain name is a new global top-level domain (gTLD) that can be used to easily communicate on the Internet with Volkswagen AG, one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

It does not matter where you are located or what language you speak, as long as you want to use the .volkswagen gTLD for your website.

Who is eligible to use the .volkswagen gTLD?

Anyone is eligible to obtain a .volkswagen domain name as long as they meet the general registration requirements for new domains set by ICANN, which include:

owning or having a legitimate interest in the domain, being of legal age to agree to the registry agreement, and complying with technical regulations.

What can I do with my .volkswagen domain name?

As the owner of a .volkswagen domain name, you can show off your affiliation with Volkswagen AG and its products or services.

The possibilities extend beyond that, though; the .volkswagen gTLD is versatile enough to function as an international IDN (International Domain Name) for networking purposes or as an online location for sharing Volkswagen knowledge.

If you have a trademark or a service mark that features the word "VOLKSWAGEN" (registered or not) – including Volkswagen cars – you will be able to obtain a matching .volkswagen domain name.

The same applies if your business relates to Volkswagen products. In addition, anyone who wants to create a website that relates to Volkswagen and its history and culture will be able to obtain a .volkswagen domain name.

Does this mean that only Volkswagen AG can use the .volkswagen gTLD?

No, the sole responsibility of the .volkswagen gTLD lies with ICANN, so anyone who meets ICANN's requirements can register one of these domains. This means there are no limitations on who may register or what they may use it for.

It is entirely up to registrants whether they want their site to reflect their own interests or whether they prefer to offer services related to Volkswagen products or its brand image.

What is involved in owning a .volkswagen domain name?

Owners of .volkswagen gTLDs are provided with the same amount of services as owners of other TLDs. The following points should clarify what this means:

• Owners may use their domain to promote any website they want (subject to applicable laws).

• Owners can easily administer their domains via our easy-to-use Domain Manager tool.

• An unlimited number of subdomains is available within each domain (.test.volkswagen, for example).

• Emails sent using the domain name is free and not subject to increased costs or additional requirements.

In the case of Inbox-compliant email services, it is even possible to send and receive emails from all providers.

• Spam protection features are available with no extra costs.

In short, there is no difference in what can be done or how a domain name may be used when compared with other TLDs. The main differences lie in who can use a .volkswagen gTLD and why they might want to do so.