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What is the .watches domain name?

.watches is a new gTLD that will provide an opportunity for the watch industry to unite in one online space, with comparable watches being displayed in a uniform way.

Why choose the .watches domain name?

The watch industry has been fragmented for too long, with various competing and overlapping platforms.

There is no one place for people who love watches to go online; we believe we can provide the best destination to learn about all aspects of timepieces.

Why should I consider the .watches domain name?

By choosing the .watches domain name, you will be joining an effort of watch enthusiasts to create a destination where people can truly learn about watches.

The domain name has not yet launched, so it is extremely early days in this project.

As one of the very first organizations with applications for this new gTLD, you will be able to shape your online namespace before anyone else.

.watches will provide an opportunity for watch fans to find like-minded individuals and connect with them, based on their mutual love of watches. It will help save time for people who are searching for information about different watches online.

How do I benefit from the .watches domain name?

The primary objective of .watches is to unite all those involved in watchmaking into one place, where they can share expertise and advice, form business relationships or just chat about their favorite topic – watches.

You'll also be able to reserve your digital identity at a glance by buying matching .watch web addresses to ensure easy access to your own.

There's never been a better time to take advantage of this new namespace.

What are the key features of .watches?

The domain name itself will be relevant to the category it represents, allowing consumers looking for specific types of watches to easily find them through search engines.

Moreover, each registrant will have access to World Branded Group tools and services which help promote their products online. This includes WbG's very own watch community website - Watches.

How does the .watches domain name work?

The registration process for a new .watch web address is relatively straightforward and will be open to everyone interested in securing their digital identity with an easily memorable and relevant namespace.

What is the best way to promote my company, brand, or product with the .watches domain name?

The watch industry has largely been fragmented – we see an opportunity to create a destination where people can learn about watches from online articles run by experts in the field as well as other watch aficionados.

This site will allow those interested in learning more about watches from different perspectives from around the world to come together under one roof.

We plan to have various categories so users can find information related specifically to their interests.

Additionally, registered brands will have access to a range of promotional tools and

What types of watches can I find online?

There are many different styles of watches available for sale online, including both expensive luxury timepieces as well as cheaper fashion watches that are ideal gifts or impulse buy.

Whether you are looking to buy a watch for yourself or as a present, you will likely find the exact model that fits your needs online.

There has never been a more convenient time to purchase watches online than now, thanks to the .watches domain name.

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