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What is the .woodside domain name?

The new .woodside domain name is perfect for estate agents, builders, construction companies, forestry professionals, or anyone in the forestry industry.

It showcases your passion for the great outdoors and registers a .woodside domain name today! Use it with your own or business brand to give potential clients a better idea of what you can do.

Why should I be interested in .woodside?

.woodside is a new domain extension on the Internet and is perfect for forestry, construction, or any other type of business that wants to target potential customers in the New York area.

It's a great choice if you want to interact with forestry professionals as well as those interested in trees and woodlands, which includes many businesses from all types of sectors.

Domain names are more than just an address - they're part of your brand. And that's more important than ever with mobile searches on the rise.

It's also essential that you control all the digital real estate which relates to your business whether it's localized information about your store or office locations, opening times, contact details, etc., so this is why having a custom generic TLD gives you the best chance of grabbing your share of mobile traffic.

Despite the success of extensions like .coffee and .florist, most new generic TLDs (gTLDs) fail to break through, so it's essential that you choose wisely.

Are there any restrictions on who can buy the .woodside domain name?

On top of our usual minimum character requirements, certain words are not allowed.

These include: adult, babies, cameras/photography, clothes/fashion, condoms & contraceptives, dating/personals, fireworks & explosives (and related words), gambling (and related words), government, guns & ammunition (related words), medical equipment and services, pharmacies and drugs.

What does this mean for my brand?

The domain extension is a great way to get more visibility for your brand and connect with new customers who are specifically interested in forestry.

It's available for individuals from New York, from businesses from all over the world that want to target this area too.

Unlike other generic TLDs which tend to be used by only one company, .woodside is generally going to be a broad term so there'll be less competition between companies looking to grab the same traffic.

This means you have a better chance of standing out.

As a result, it's also easier for consumers to remember your domain name and find you again for future reference or repeat business even if they don't know the exact spelling of words that relate to your industry or services.

Also, this TLD helps to boost your company's credibility as it shows you're committed to your industry and are prepared to invest in your business.

Who is eligible for .woodside?

Anyone with an interest in forestry or who wants to attract potential customers who are looking for forestry companies.

Also, if your business operates in New York but you're based elsewhere, this domain extension is perfect for you too.

What type of businesses should consider the .woodside domain name?

A variety includes estate agents specializing in selling forests or woodland; construction companies that work closely with forestry; or anyone in the forestry industry itself (such as farming, logging).