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What is the .wow domain name?

The World Wide Web is so widespread and popular that it's tough to remember a time when there was no such thing. But there was once, and it only took one word to describe the phenomenon: "wow."

The perfect name for a top-level domain (TLD).

What can I do with the .wow domain name?

Using the .wow domain name for web projects has several distinct advantages over more traditional TLDs.

Ten Reasons to Use the .wow Domain Name

1. Because it's short - At just two letters, wow is exactly one character shorter than ".com," which saves precious seconds every time you type it out.

2. Because it reinforces brand awareness - People are used to seeing familiar words when they come across a website or blog online; that's why using your brand name as a TLD is an effective marketing strategy.

3. Because it's easy to remember - ".wow" is the only top-level domain name that you can think of without having to stop and take a minute to come up with one.

4. Because it looks cool - With all due respect, "Blogspot" sounds archaic, while ".wow" just screams sleek design.

5. Because it's cool - Even if you've never heard of the TLD before, once you hear someone else say it out loud in conversation, you'll be tempted to register your own .wow website so that others will know what kind of awesomeness they can expect when they visit your site or blog online.

6. Because it's short and sweet - Again, this saves precious seconds every time you type it out.

7. Because there are no weird characters to memorize - There are many different kinds of symbols that you might catch flak for typing into your TLD, but not with .wow.

8. Because it works equally well as a singular or plural noun - Not only does this mean that everyone who visits your site will know if they're on the homepage (singular) or on a sub-section of your site (plural), but it also saves you from having to come up with constant variations on the phrase, which is good for SEO.

9. Because it's not overused - There are only four hundred registered .wow domain names in existence, making yours much more likely to stand out among the crowd.

10. Because it's easy to remember two letters - It takes a lot less effort to quickly enter ".wow" into your browser's address bar than it does other TLDs like .com or .net.

How did the .wow domain name come into being?

The new TLD is a meaningful term that provides concise information about the website's content, by allowing clear differentiation of many sites.

It can be used in multiple ways for various purposes, especially when you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

However, this is not everything. Registering a second-level .wow domain immediately attracts users' attention and ensures the rapid success of your business!

What's so good about having a .wow domain name?

It will give preference and priority to your site in search results and make it more visible in browsers;

Your targeted audience will reach it very quickly once they know its web address;

As soon as people see it in their browser, they will remember it;

It is easy to say, spell out and write.