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What is the .wtc domain name?

The .wtc domain name makes web addresses more intuitive, relevant, and easy to remember when the Internet was created. The internet becomes easier to use with .wtc.

Why choose the .wtc domain name? .

wtc is a proposed new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) which has been developed in order to serve the needs of the WTC community worldwide. It is available for everyone who has a connection with the World Trade Center in any way.

At present most websites are registered under either .com or .net domains, both of these types are open for anyone to register with very little proof required. For some businesses this has its advantage but on larger scales it leaves them vulnerable.

By registering domain names at the new .wtc gTLD, members of this community can identify themselves as legitimate users reaching out for support through an easy-to-remember and globally accessible namespace.

By pointing their domain name to relevant websites, organizations active within or related to 9/11 will be able to strengthen their online identity and connect with a large network of similarly minded groups and individuals throughout the world.

What kinds of organizations or people can register a .wtc domain name?

The .wtc TLD aims at being representative for all individuals and organizations who were, are or will be affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001.

It covers not only direct victims but also individuals with personal or professional ties to this event. Anyone who is either directly or indirectly affiliated with 9/11 can register a .wtc domain name, for example:

- Victims & Survivors

- First Responders

- Medical Personnel

- Federal Agencies & Authorities involved in the rescue operation

- Organizations that have lost members in the attack on the WTC towers e.g. fire fighters, police officers, ambulance drivers etc.

What are some benefits of using the .wtc domain name?

The .wtc domain extension can be used to represent any or all of the following:

Used in a proper name, a .wtc domain can be used to represent a person's given name, surname, or stage name. The benefit of doing so is that it offers an easy way for others to find and contact you online.

Used as a stand-alone suffix, a .wtc domain can be used to represent an organization or business. The benefit of doing so is that it creates a unique and memorable way for people to find your websites, products, and services online.

Used in the middle of a word or phrase, a .wtc domain can be used to create acronyms and abbreviations with creative meanings.

The benefit of doing so is that it makes communicating those acronyms and abbreviations easy for those who are familiar with them, while also making it difficult for those who don't know the meaning to guess what they mean.

An individual who writes or creates about their experience with WTC-related health issues such as dust exposure could use the .wtc domain extension to get found by those searching for information on WTC-related health issues and treatments.

A business or organization can use a .wtc domain to obtain and redirect the web traffic of those searching for WTC-related health issues.

It's shorter, easier to share URLs with friends or associates, website names are now less abstract, it looks better in print media like business cards & letterheads.