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What is the .youtube domain name?

The .youtube domain name is a top-level domain for YouTube. It was launched by the company in May 2007, along with a number of other products and brands that were intended to be used as web applications such as .blog, .docs, .search, and others. Eventually, Google declared the .youtube TLD open to public registrations less than two years later.

Because it can easily be mistaken for a second level domain belonging to one of the many websites created under youtube.com or youtube.com, its use has been restricted to members of the Google Partner program which provides numerous benefits including technical support and increased credibility when promoting a website on search engines due to Google's association with it.

Why choose .youtube?

.youtube offers businesses and website owners an alternative way to reach YouTube users looking for products, services, or guidance related to the vast amount of content available on this popular video host site. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to broaden their web presence with a short and memorable domain name.

There are almost 2 billion unique users that visit YouTube each month. According to Alexa, the internet analytics company owned by Amazon, it is among the 100 most visited websites globally.

It has also been reported that over 1 million people use .youtube as a business or personal email address which makes it highly prospective as part of your customer database if you plan to distribute newsletters or promotional messages regularly through any online means other than social media platforms.

The .youtube domain name can be used to direct people's attention to your video content on YouTube. It is also compatible with Google Adsense and it makes creating a website for videos much easier than before since you won't need any coding knowledge at all.

Whether you run your own YouTube channel or you create videos for one, the .youtube TLD is the perfect way of having an easy-to-remember address that will make sharing your videos quick and simple.

How does it work?

To register a .youtube domain name, webmasters must follow some steps which include providing their contact information, agreeing to the terms and conditions of registration, submitting necessary documentation for verification purposes (such as company registration number, certificates, and business license), finally making the necessary payment for registration fees.

Once you have purchased your .youtube domain name, it will be officially yours in around 20 working days depending on the registrar you're using to create it. However, keep in mind that until all administrative formalities are completed with Google Domains where you purchased your .youtube domain name, its use may be disabled which means that you won't be able to take advantage of its benefits including pointing your domain to any website address.

What's more about .youtube?

Aside from being a great way of increasing traffic towards your videos on YouTube or even creating a new standalone video-based website in no time at all, a publicly available top-level domain comes with many benefits which include increased popularity, better SEO, higher rankings on search engines, and even enhanced credibility.