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What is the .yun domain name?

The .yun domain name is a top-level country-code domain that operates in the Korean language environment.

The purpose of this domain name is to provide an alternative to the commercialized internet space for Koreans, who are more used to the Korean writing system(Hangul) than Latin characters.

Who can register .yun domain names?

Individuals or groups residing in Korea, international organizations dispatched by local public institutions or research institutes located in Korea, and private sector companies registered under Korean law can apply for registration.

In addition, each company may register only one .yun domain name containing its corporate name or trademark.

Why should I buy the .yun domain name?

.yun domain names are fast becoming the preferred choice of Korean language domain names for Koreans at home and abroad, .yun is the second most used internet suffix after ".kr" that represents South Korea.

The yu-n combined letters together mean "cloud". Just as clouds hold the water needed for life on earth, .yun also contains great value in connecting people all over the world through the Internet.

It's a 'language' domain name that transcends cultures, backgrounds, and borders. Easy to understand, easy to remember too.

Registering or using your own .yun domain name will enable you to connect with millions of Koreans worldwide via their mobile devices anytime anywhere, without spending extra money on expensive translation software programs.

It is very simple. The .yun domain name will be the only one that ends with ".yun" in the Korean alphabet. Therefore, it is easy to remember and you can avoid misspelling.

The right side of the dot means "the Internet" in Korean so it will sound like "your Internet".

It would much easier for Koreans who are just starting to use the internet. Also, foreigners that want to buy something online also could easily find your site when they input your URL into their browser's bar or search engine.

What are the registration restrictions for a .yun domain name?

There is no restriction on the number of .yun domain names that can be registered per individual or organization. However, each company may register only one .yun domain name containing its corporate name or trademark.

Every registrant must provide a valid title and a postal address for itself by which it can be contacted at any time through a phone call, fax, mail, etc.

Any registrations based on false information will not be accepted and thus will become invalid.

Domain names cannot include words with negative connotations in relation to race, social conduct, drugs, and crime when they are not related to the purpose of registration. In addition, words that were already registered as trademarks in Korea before the opening of this service cannot be used for domain names.

Maximum 63 characters, no space allowed, only letters and numbers are allowed.

What is the common second-level .yun domain name?

The common second-level .yun domain name will be used as the primary choice of IDN domain names, which enables users to have a more intuitive understanding of website addresses.

The second-level domain name is the one directly registered under the .yun top-level country-code domain.

For example, as a .yun domain name, "paulbong.yun" will be used to access this page.