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.COM.ZM represents the official domain extension or the internet country code second level domain of Zambia. It was introduced in 1994 and was intended for legal entities affiliated with Zambia or entities seeking connection with this country. Residency or citizenship in Zambia is required in order to register a .COM.ZM website. Registry is carried out by ZAMNET Communication Systems Ltd. On the other hand, applications for .COM.ZM domains are processed via accredited registrars such as Marcaria.com.

ZM also stands for: zoo med, zone manager, zen micro, zen mood, zen minimalist, zero mission, zoom monocular, zen master, zoom microscope, zoom map, zone market, zen mind, zero momentum, zone message, zen massage, zen method, and many more.

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Entities connected withZambia

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Who controls the .zm domain names?

There is a single registrar for the .zm domain names. It's Registry, National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA).

The .zm domain is run by the state-owned Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

Can I register .zm domain names?

Yes, you can. Anyone can register a .zm domain name, but it's mostly irrelevant to the vast majority of Internet users who are not in Zambia.

Domain names are cheap and reusable globally. The important point is that anyone within Zambia using this single NICTA registrar can register any .zm domain names.

That's why it is useful if you are targeting Zambian audiences, have a presence in Zambia, or want to pick up some cheap African traffic with .zm domain names.

What are the requirements for registering a .zm domain name?

Currently, there are seven requirements:

1. You should have a Zambian ID card.

2. Your organization should have a domicile in Zambia.

3. You should have a Zambian company or organization registration document.

4. Your e-mail address should be from a Zambian ISP/Email provider

5. All personal information provided should be from Zambia(Zambian passport, ID card).

6. Your organization name and address should match with your domain registrant information (if the personal name, organization name should match with your ID card).

7. If you are not a citizen of Zambia or residing there, you should provide the correct and valid mailing address (Zambian Residence Permit)

What are the common second-level .zm domains?

There are two types of second-level domains that can be registered:

.co.zm for commercial entities and

.org.zm for noncommercial entities (nonprofit organizations, churches, charities).

Since .co.zm is more popular than .org.zm you should try to register both domain names to cover your bases.

What are the benefits of .zm domain name?

There are many Africans who don't have access to reliable Internet services, but they do have access to the phone networks, where you can set up SMS gateways.

That means that you can use a .zm domain name as your brand if you want to reach out to the African audiences in telecoms.

What are the requirements for having a .zm domain name pointed to my server?

There are no requirements to have a .zm domain name pointed to your server(not even being in Zambia). You can point it wherever you want.

The important thing is that the registrant should be from Zambia. That means you should register domains through NICTA, not directly with Donuts or any other registrars.

You should have a valid and working Zambian IP address, which has been assigned by one of the telecom companies to an organization or individual.

It will be the same with any other TLD (top-level domain).

What are the different extensions of .zm domain name?

There are many extensions of the .zm domain name: .co.zm, .org.zm, .edu.zm and others can be registered as traditional domains with a few differences:

.co.zm, .org.zm, .edu.zm, .net.zm, etc., can be registered as traditional domains with a few differences:

1) The registration duration is one year instead of two for most TLDs.

2) The registration cost is much lower for .zm domains.

3) Other than .co.zm, .org.zm, etc., you can also register more local domains like

4) You will need to provide your Zambian ID card or show evidence of residency in Zambia (Zambian Residence Permit).