How to Find Expired 3 Letter Domain Names and 4 Letter Domains Expired

Not everyone knows the power of a short, simple domain name.

Your domain should tell visitors exactly what your site is, right?

Are three or four letters really enough space to present that information?

The truth that all professional domain-hunters know is that not only is a 4 letter URL more than enough, but three-letter combinations - if you can get your hands on one - are even better.

Some business owners have their preferred URL reserved already using back ordering as they wait for the 4 letter domain to come available.

This can happen when the original owner doesn't monitor domain name expiration of their website altogether or allows the URL rental payment to lapse.

It then goes through a process leading to expiry and the eventual auctioning off of the name.

At SpamZilla, we can help you acquire a short, snappy expired domain names.

Why Aim for 3 Letter Domains Expired Now?

Whenever possible, those looking to get an expired domain should aim for the shortest possible letter combinations.

But why? What makes shorter names better?
The answer requires a breakdown of what exactly a domain or URL name is and how it serves its owner.

URL names are the core names of websites, found at the beginning of any URL address.

It shouldn't be confused with an IP address, which is the list of digits that uniquely identify a physical device such as a laptop.

They also aren't the same thing as a top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension, found at the end of a URL.

Examples of domain extensions are .com, .org, .io, or .biz.

Acquiring additional domains can be an essential part of your website's search engine optimization (SEO), which helps you climb to the top of the search results page on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Optimized websites use 3 or 4 letter domains because both Google and visitors to your page have an easier time recognizing them.

Shorter names are also much more likely to spell out popular words or common acronyms, making them valuable for brand recognition.

With all of this in mind, who's ready to go on a domain hunt?

How to Grab Expired Domains ASAP

The tricky thing about finding a name with only three or four letters is that they are extremely popular.

While not everyone knows their actual value, most administrators who have one know better than to let it expire.

If you're very lucky and have an endless reserve of patience, but if someone forgets to renew an expired domain, you might get your hands on one of the few three-letter domains expired in the last few hours.

Otherwise, you may want to think about starting your hunt with SpamZilla.

Unlike other online name-buying resources, SpamZilla compiles millions of new domains and adds hundreds of thousands every day.

Our advanced filters and specialized search tools allow you to look for any number of conditions, including exact letter length.

We also avoid "junk domains" from abandoned ghost sites, which other platforms don't know how to catch.

Our proprietary algorithms do all the work ahead of time so you can search for more domains, complete your registration quickly, and save more money in the long run.

Find 3 and 4 Letter Domains with SpamZilla

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