Domain expiration's are a nightmare for investors to keep track of.

Domain Expiration Monitoring Services

When a domain name passes its expiry date, the original owner almost always ends up spending additional money to keep their website online if they have the opportunity.

Although your domain registrar may be lenient, some prefer to resell as soon as possible after the expiration date rather than extending a long grace period if a domain owner has not responded to notifications.

A domain name monitor is exactly what it sounds like: a service that tracks a particular domain's upcoming expiration date and sends notifications.

Dozens of providers offer to monitor domain name expiration in addition to things like website uptime, system status, and more.

Having a monitoring system can save your business untold losses should you lose your business URL and your registrar shut down your website.

Why Monitor Your Domain Name?

To keep your website safe, you want domain expiration monitoring against threats to both your brand and your cybersecurity.

Domains can become highly valuable assets, you really don't want to be sitting on 3 letter domains that have expired when you could sell them for a good price.

A domain expiry date may be at the bottom of your list of concerns.

However, if you handle payment records or host user information, your website could become the target of domain hijacking by cyber attackers.

By inadvertently allowing your domain registration to expire, you allow these attackers to gain access to privileges that could threaten you and anyone who frequently uses your service.

The Best Domain Expiration Monitoring Services

The Best Domain Expiration Monitoring Services

1 - WhoisXML API

Focusing on cybersecurity, WhoisXML API performs domain monitoring using an extensive set of brand protection solutions to catch domain theft as quickly as possible.

This service is exceptionally good at tracking WHOIS data, using its Domain Monitor feature to track any instance of a domain changing hands.

2 - BrandShelter

BrandShelter is a counterfeit-brand-detection agency that monitors and tracks instances of trademark infringement.

Their specialty includes locating violators using fraudulent location data or, worse, operating a copycat service under a nearly-identical domain name.

3 - HetrixTools

HetrixTools monitors your domain name as part of its uptime monitoring service.

In addition to the benefits of a domain name monitor, you receive notifications when your website goes down.

HetrixTools also investigates the source of any disruptions to your network.

4 - DomainTools

DomainTools tracks phishing scams and other fraud attempts against your domain via an accessible, user-friendly dashboard.

In addition, they help domainers register an expired domain name faster and compile publicly available info on competitors.

5 - Webmaster.Ninja

Though they don't specialize in security, Webmaster.Ninja is an excellent free resource for a secondary layer of protection against hitting your domain expiration date.

For no extra charge, they track your domain with open source data and even notify you with coupons to make your renewal less expensive.

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