Find Perfect Expired Domains with Dynadot

What's the best way for someone to purchase an expired domain? And is expired domain investing event worth it ?

If you have the money and know the exact name you want, bidding at a virtual auction is the most common method.

Many registrars allow you to search for domain names, participate in expired domain auctions, or hold on to your registration for up to ten years.

Dynadot is one of a few that offers all three features in one place: Dynadot domains-resources websites.

What Happens When a Domain Expires, Anyway?

Domains are like real estate in several ways. They ultimately belong to the registrar and are not bought.

Instead, the domain owner (or registrant) leases them for a specific amount of time. Dynadot domains are very similar.

Domain Ownership

The ownership period lasts anywhere from one to ten years, depending on the user-selected package.

Dynadot works with the owner to provide the domain that the owner desires and helps keep information about their domain readily available online.

Renewal Grace Period

If the owner doesn't renew the domain before the ownership period ends, it expires.

For the length of the 30-day grace period, Dynadot allows you to renew at the usual price. For the next ten days after that, the registrar adds an additional $10 fee.

Redemption Period

At the Redemption stage, your domain leaves the registrar and returns to the central registry.

You can still get your domain back during this time, but it's a trickier and more expensive process.

There's also a chance that someone could buy an expired domain name at one of many expired-domain auctions during this time.

The End!

If the owner hasn't used a domain expiration monitoring service and doesn't renew their domain during Redemption, the registry either transfers it to the highest auction bidder or deletes it.

What to Expect With Dynadot Expired-Domains Services?

At any point in a domain's lifecycle, you can use Dynadot domains-resources websites to search for, bid on, and buy expired or expiring domains.

Its pricing system allows it to offer incredibly cheap top-level domains, country codes, and domain extensions at the .com tier.

Joining an expired domain auction is simple. As long as you have a free Dynadot account and at least a $5 account balance, you can enter an auction and bid on pre-selected ranges from $1 to over $500.

If you place the winning bid, you'll receive an email and get 48 hours to pay (we highly recommend using auto-renewal to avoid losing your offer).

Dynadot puts the domain name in your account after the Redemption Period ends.

Like any other auction site, Dynadot can't guarantee that the original domain owner won't renew before Redemption ends.

If that happens, it will credit your auction bid back to your account, and you will be able to look for a new domain name.

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