Do you think that expired domains are defective, without value, and purposefully left by the wayside to die an unsung death? Think again!

Domain Drop List

You can exhume thousands of excellent expired domain names by utilizing domain drop lists.

SpamZilla has the tools you need to sort through domain drop lists and discover spam-free top-level domains (TLDs) with valuable backlinks.

Our registrar comparison tool allows you to measure the costs, so you always have the best price.  Also you don't need to worry about using complicated domain drop catching software as SpamZilla simplifies the entire process.

Domain Names

A dropped domain name does not mean that the domain is ineffective.

Domain Names

People forfeit on their domain names for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Forgetting to renew their registration
  • Changing businesses
  • Retirement
  • Declining to enable auto-renew

Some dropped domain names can actually become incredible tools for your business growth.

Previously owned domain names may be beneficial because:

  • They have built-in page authority and domain age
  • They potentially include hundreds of clients who might happen to find your website due to their familiarity with the previous domain name
  • They already have powerful links that redirect online traffic back to your website
  • They have links to anchor text (also known as hyperlink text)

Increase your chances of snagging a superior domain name by monitoring the daily domain drops with SpamZilla.

Domain Name Drop List

The definition of a drop domains list is a collection of domain names pending deletion by the domain name registry.

Once a domain has hit the drop lists, it is eligible to be bid upon by people wishing to optimize their websites.

Since a drop domain list could contain a day's worth of domains or over a month's worth of domains to sort through, it is essential to invest in navigation tools.

At SpamZilla, our software provides customizable filters and SEO (search engine optimization) metrics, enabling you to shorten the drop list and view only the information most pertinent for your business.

SpamZilla supports most domain auction sites, including GoDaddy auctions and NameJet.

A Note About Domain Backorders

Do you want to skip in line and pre-bid for your perfect domain name? Do you need to worry when do domain names drop?

A Note About Domain Backorders

When you backorder a domain, you are essentially hoping that the current owners forget to renew their domain.

Placing a backorder means that you will receive a notification if or when the domain will be available for you to swoop in and claim them.

Simplify Domain Name Drop Lists With SpamZilla

Simplify Domain Name Drop Lists With SpamZilla

Some domain drop lists limit which domains they showcase, while other lists include various domains, such as:

  • Already expired names
  • Domains pending expiration and on registrar hold
  • Domains in the redemption or grace period
  • Domains pending deletion

Some drop lists will offer detailed statistics to help you decide upon a domain, while another list may only state basic information, such as the expiration date.

When purchasing a domain name, you want to be sure to look at the complete picture.

SpamZilla has the quality software to give you that high-resolution snapshot. Our service supports over 60 country code top-level domains (TLDs), including sites like Dynadot and NameJet.

Our service also simplifies domain lists by providing you with our SpamZilla score. Use this tool to create filters for your search.

The SpamZilla score rates the cleanliness of a domain based on multiple factors, such as:

  • Domain age and page authority
  • Active history and website history
  • Redirects and backlink history
  • Parked pages

Filter out any webpage names that will not add value to your SEO (search engine optimization) with SpamZilla.

Don't let endless lists of data and numbers consume your time any more!

Visit to organize domain droplists and harness their opportunities.