It's a Tuesday afternoon, and you're casually browsing the internet when suddenly you spot the perfect expired domain for your business' services.

When Do Domains Drop?

The domain name has catchy and trendy keywords, a built-in community of consumers you could appeal to, and the name corresponds with what you are selling. It even has excellent page authority, domain authority, and valuable links.

You eagerly surge forward to the domain registrar site, ready to leap on this opportunity while already pre-planning your victory dance.

But suddenly, your heart drops.  You find that your dream domain name is not available.

Learn how drop catching domain names isn't difficult and could majorly boost your SEO efforts.

Finding a Domain Name Using an Open Site Explorer like SpamZilla

Did you know that even though a domain may have reached its expiry date, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's available for public bidding?

At SpamZilla, we offer advanced features that will help make buying domain names straightforward and uncomplicated.

With our high-performing filters, you can customize your list of expired domains and view ones that are available for purchase today without question.

The Expired Domain Grace Period

The domain has reached its expiration date, so why am I not able to bid on it?

Each domain registrar has a merciful streak when it comes to forgetful people.

If a person misses the deadline to renew their domain name registration, they receive a grace period.

This period is an allotment of time during which someone may buy back their domain name from the registrar for an additional fee.

The Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will not release the domain name to anyone else until 80 days after the domain name expiration.

Once the domain name has passed the grace period and become available to the world, the auction can begin!

Obtain Dropped Domain Names at an Auction

The registrars have listed the domain names, so what is the easiest way to get the name I want?

Dropped domain names typically go to bidders on a first-come, first-served basis. The registry might also offer domains to the highest bidder.

If your target domain name is not in excess demand, you may luck out and get to purchase the domain name from the registrar with no competition.

However, if your intended domain name is a popular catch, you might benefit from these alternate avenues.

SpamZilla's services

SpamZilla provides daily email updates that list which domain names are about to expire, have already expired,  or have become available at an auction.

Be the first to get insider knowledge about registrars' listings and jump on the chance to obtain that coveted .com finisher.

Backorder your desired domain name

When you backorder a domain, you may bid on a name currently in use by its owner.

If the owner misses renewing the domain before the expiration date, Thus, the domain name instantly becomes available for your website.

Ask for help

You might try to bypass the registrars entirely by searching for the site's current owner on the WHOIS lookup tool.

Ask for help

Contact the present users directly and try to strike a deal, so you end up with the .com you crave.

Domain Drop and Domain Name Registration

Registrars will drop domains that I want today. How do I know if something is wrong with the domain?

You waited the allotted time, and now the registrars have opened the doors for you to claim your domain name.

You know the drop times, and you're ready to beat out the other webmasters to register your site.

But wait! You have more to consider when registering for a domain.

Subscribe to a SpamZilla account so you can easily access the metrics that will provide answers for all of your domain questions.

Is the domain high-quality?

Our SpamZilla Score includes the domain age of the webpage.

Is the domain high-quality?

Remember that an older domain is more stable than a newer one.

Is the domain banned?

This question is crucial as you want a domain that will improve your business, not tank it.

Make sure  Google or AdSense does not have a ban on the domain before purchasing it.

Does the domain have a positive reputation?

Is there an online article bashing your potential domain name?

Did The New York Times write up the domain in a scathing review?

SpamZilla has tools such as the Wayback Exporter, active history, and website history so you can become an avid reader of your domain's past and decide if you should pass it up or not.

Practical, pre-existing links to your webpage can drive traffic to your business without you having to exert the effort to build them yourself.

Stop, Drop Domain Names, and Roll Out Your Webpage

Are you tired of checking the domain drop list of expired domain names multiple times a day without ever landing on a solution?

Whether you're trying to market your restaurant's new menu or build a personal online presence, SpamZilla has the tools to make the process efficient and productive.

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