If you want to secure prime online real estate for your personal or business website, finding and purchasing a premium domain name for sale is your best-case scenario.

On the other side, selling high-quality domain names can earn you a pretty penny.

Either way, the prospect of working with premium domain names probably makes you nervous but hopefully a little excited, too.

To help you buy and sell these domains with confidence, the pros at Spamzilla took the time to break it all down for you.

What Is a Premium Domain Name?

Exactly as it sounds, a premium domain name has high demand.

Few premium domain names remain untouched these days, so someone else has probably registered the domain you’re eyeing at some point in the past.

That said, pre-owned domains still sell at the current market value.

Either way, characteristics of premium domain names include:

  • Popular TLD such as .com or .net
  • Short length, preferably one word or a well-known abbreviation
  • No hyphens
  • Exact match keywords or words that one can brand (for example, hotels.com)
  • High search volume

Benefits of Premium Domain Names

Premium domains give you or your business several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced marketing: People will have an easier time remembering your website name.
  • Branding opportunities: A unique, snappy domain name will help you establish your company’s identity.
  • Higher SEO value: Because a premium domain name matches popular keywords, your site will rank higher in search engine results.
  • Smart investment: You can always resell premium auction domain names for a large profit.

Where to Purchase Premium Domain Names

Domain Name Registrar

A registrar website provides millions of domains for sale.

Domain.com remains one of the most popular registrars in existence, thanks to its straightforward search tool, but other well-known options include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Network Solutions.

Domain Marketplace

Marketplaces like Sedo and Flippa provide a reliable platform for people to list their domains for sale, available either through direct purchase or auction.

Online Forum

Several online communities have dedicated domain marketplace sections where users can list their domain names for sale.

For instance, check out NamePros or DNForum.

Web Hosting Company

Many web hosting providers such as Bluehost offer users generous deals on high-quality domain names.

How to Purchase Premium Domain Names

Usually, you'll have to buy your domain name through a domain auction site, which follow the same process as nearly any other auction.

Potential buyers bid on the domain, and the bidder who offers the highest price wins.

In some cases, you can also try contacting a seller to buy directly.

Tips for Selling a Premium Domain Name

Due to their high demand, sellers typically won’t have much trouble getting someone else to take a premium domain off of their hands.

Therefore, price your domain confidently. You know that you have something others want.  There are also many buyers using a custom built domain auction script to sniper their domains automatically.

If you need help gauging how much you should charge, research other domain sales on some of the websites we’ve mentioned above.