The Best Places to Buy a Website in an Expired Domain Name Auction

Can you guess what the world’s most expensive domain is? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not! Best Places to Buy a Website in an Expired Domain Name AuctionThe most expensive domain name history is, purchased by Gannett Co., Inc., for a whopping $872 million.

The Best Alternative to the GoDaddy Expired Domain Auction

Have you been following the GoDaddy domain name aftermarket looking for “diamonds in the ruff?” After all, wouldn’t it be incredible if the owner of forgot to pay their renewal fee, and you could snap up the domain at the click of a button? Whether you’re

GoDaddy Domain Expiration Grace Period: FAQs

Do you rent a domain name from the registrar GoDaddy? If so, you should be aware of the company's expiration processes and renewal grace periods. Like many registrars, GoDaddy implements strict renewal and expiration policies. Neglecting to renew your domain on time could leave you with a hefty redemption fee

How to Find Expired Domains With Backlinks

Purchasing a high-quality expired domain is an easy way to capitalize on a website's pre-existing SEO metrics, web traffic, and backlinks. However, not all expired domains are created equal. Some could ramp up your website's SEO instantly, while others could hurt your digital reputation or even link back to spammy,

How to Use Free Expired Domains to Your Advantage

If you know much about the expired domain market, you probably know that it is highly competitive, fast-moving, and expensive. The best expired domains can sell for tens of thousands of dollars apiece in auctions. If you aren't willing to drop this kind of money on a domain, you may

How to Check Your Domain Expiration Date

If you've put time and effort into an optimized domain with a distinctive domain name, you naturally want to keep it live and running for as long as possible. To prevent your domain name from being bought out from under you, you should make yourself aware of your domain expiration

The 12 Best Expired Domain Finder Sites

With hundreds of thousands of domains expiring every year, it can be hard to keep track of the ones you want and find them before someone else snaps them up. The 12 Best Expired Domain Finder SitesIf you're new to the domain investment game, you may have heard of something

How Long After a Domain Expires Can I Buy It?

Plenty of articles will tell you what you can do with expired domains, from building on their existing domain authority to flipping them for a profit. How Long After a Domain Expires Can I Buy It?However, virtually no one tells rookie domain investors how long they have to wait

How to Register an Expired Domain

How to Register an Expired DomainRegistering expired domains isn’t complicated, actually. Now, finding an expired domain that you’d like to register? That’s a different story. If you were to search online for “How to register expired domain,” you’d run across several different registration methods. They vary

Buy Expired Domains with Traffic!

At SpamZilla, our tools can help you find expired domains for sale [] with high traffic coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. Even after being left out to dry, expired domain names continue to generate search results and can add substantial value to

Expired Domains: GoDaddy Has Lots of Them

The web hosting and internet domain registrar GoDaddy is practically an online granddaddy. Founded in 1997, it’s one of the largest accredited domain registries with more than 40 million registered domain names. But that doesn’t mean all of those domain names are active. Just as with other registrars,

Expired Domain List With Excellent Backlinks

Perpetually using the same website domain name is not as easy as the "name it and claim it" philosophy. In fact, domains never genuinely belong to people. Domain names are on rental for a length of time, and once the rights expire, other domain buyers may enter into an auction

How to Buy Expiring Domain Names

When the World Wide Web first came into being, the number of .com domains seemed infinite. Today, however, few good ones remain untouched. Buy Expiring Domain NamesIn order to meet the demand, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers created new top-level domains (TLDs) like .biz and .info, but

Domain Expiry Check With SpamZilla

Shakespeare's tragic heroine, Juliette, laments, "What's in a name?" At SpamZilla, we argue that a name reflects your brand and that choosing a strategic domain name is crucial for the success of your business. An effective domain name is the calling card for your website. Be sure not to allow

How to Find Expired Domains

The process of starting a brand-new website can sound daunting. You’ll likely put in hours of work creating content but, even so, still remain unnoticed for a long time—but not if you take advantage of buying an expired domain []. How To Find Expired DomainsEvery

When Does a Domain Expire?

Creating a website for your business is an effective way to attract potential customers and increase your sales. When Does A Domain Expire?The best websites start with a successful domain name — the web address that visitors can type into their browser in place of an IP address to navigate

How to Find Out When a Domain Expires

If you own a website, you probably rent your domain name from a domain registrar. As a result, you will need to renew your web address name from time to time—specifically, when it reaches a predetermined expiration date. However, because domain terms can last for several years, it's easy

How To Backorder A Domain

One way to purchase a domain is through a backorder which is the process of attempting to reserve a domain when it expires and becomes available.

What Happens When A Domain Name Expires

Creating a website is important for just about any type of business these days. This is an exciting time as a business owner but when it comes to actually putting the plan in motion, you might find that web design and development get quite complicated quite fast. This article focuses
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