The content editor inside the Spamzilla content tool is very similar to all common content editors.

You can highlight any text to change the format of headings, make text bold or italic, insert images and links etc.

Inserting Media

You can search for royalty free stock images or videos from Pexels and Pixabay right inside the content editors user interface.

You can also generate AI images related to your keyword.  The AI generated images are also royalty free.

When you click on the "Search Media" button shown above, a window like the one below will appear.  

First select if you would like to generate an AI image or search Pixabay or Pexels for an image to use in your article.

If you are generating an AI image, try to be quite specific instead of searching for a keyword.

If you are searching Pixabay or Pexels, you can enter the main keyword for your article to find relevant images.

Click on the insert button to include the image inside your article.  You can then edit the size of the image and the image-text alignment.

Duplicate Content Checking

We have a custom built, duplicate content checking tool included inside the content editor

When you click on this button, we will check the content in your article for any duplicate content in Google.  This is the same duplicate content checking functionality we've been running inside Spamzilla for years.


The Spamzilla Content Tool automatically saves your content as you create it, but you may also like to save your article at different stages of creation.

Using the "Save Revision" button you can make a copy of the article in its current state.  Then using the "Revisions" button in the top menu, you can choose to restore a previously saved version of your article.

Rewrite Content

Included inside the content editor is the ability to use AI to rewrite text.  Simply highlight a section of text and click on the rewrite button in the top menu.

A new window will appear with some rewritten text from our custom built AI.  You can choose to replace the text you selected with the newly generated text.  Or if you don't like the new text, you can click on the "Redo" button to generate a new rewrite of  your selected text.

Generate Text with AI

You can use our custom built AI to generate text inside the content editor.  Simply select some text and click on either of the "Generate Text" buttons.

You will see a relevant paragraph of text is generated directly inside the content editor.  If you aren't happy with the new generated text, you can click on the Redo button in the bottom left corner.

Grammar Checking

We have included grammer checking directly inside the content editor.  When you see a coloured underline, hover your mouse over this text.  You will see different options to fix up the grammer.

Readability Score

We have included the 6 most popular readability scores to grade your content.  A quick Google search on any of these grading systems will provide you with more details.