The Spamzilla Content Creator allows you to connect to a WordPress website and directly publish your articles to the site.

To publish an article to a WordPress website, first you need to configure the connection details under the "Site Settings" tab.  

Once you have done this, you can select the WordPress site, the WordPress category from the site, the publishing date and the status of the article.

Configuring A WordPress Website

To add a new WordPress website, first click on the "Add Site" button.

You will then see a new window open (like below).  Please fill in all the fields and click on the "Test Connection" button.  If your connection test was successful you can click on the "Save Site Details" button.


WordPress Account

You do not need to use an Admin account from your WordPress site, you can use an editor account if you like.


The WordPress integration uses the XMLRPC functionality.  

There should be a file inside the root folder of your WordPress site called "xmlrpc.php".  For security reasons it is a good idea to rename this filename.

You can change the name of this file and include the new filename inside the "Website XML-RPC Endpoint" field in the image above.

Many shared hosting services will use cPanel or they will provide FTP access to your website files.

In the screenshot below, we logged into our cPanel hosting account, and then we opened the 'File Manager'.  You can see the 'xmlrpc.php' file that we will rename to 'testrpc.php'.

Renamed to 'testrpc.php'

If you are having issues connecting to your website using xmlrpc, your hosting provider could be blocking it.  You may need to contact the support desk for your hosting provider.