The ReWritor tool allows you to easily scrape any article and use our AI to rewrite a brand new article.  The new article will appear inside the content editor.

Simply enter the URL of an article you would like to scrape and click on the "Download Article" button.  Alternatively you can copy and paste the data into the ReWritor content box.

ReWritor Settings

There are three different settings to configure, these settings tell the AI how you would like it to rewrite the article.


A higher level will tell the AI to add more new (but related) text and will potentially increase the uniqueness of your text. However, it could diminish its relevance in certain cases.


A higher level of creativity will tell the AI to rewrite the original text in a more creative way and to add larger enhancements so that the new text could become quite different from the original. While the AI will try to maintain the main idea of the text, higher levels of Creativity could alter the relevance of the new text.


Tell the AI how different you want the text to be (compared to the original).