If you have a domain with HostGator that you no longer need, you can let it expire or delete it.

Deletion ensures that the policy doesn't automatically renew, leading to an unwanted charge on your following billing statement.

Here's what you need to know to delete a domain name on HostGator.

Set a New Primary Domain

An addon domain serves as a secondary domain within your control panel (cPanel) account.

It often has a distinct look and feel compared to the primary site. cPanel will only allow you to modify an addon domain if you register it first.

HostGator requires users to set a new primary domain before they delete the main address. This step lets you redirect people to a different site without losing traffic.

You can also move your domain to another HostGator site or transfer your content to a new host.

Remove an Addon Domain

Removing an addon domain couldn't be easier. All you have to do is log in to your cPanel and select "Addon Domains."

Under the section that says "Actions," click "Remove."

Note that removing the addon domain only removes it from the server configuration and DNS. Any files that you made on it will remain intact.

However, HostGator won't let you access files through that domain name.

Also remember to double check the domain you're removing as there is a lot of people looking for just delete domains to reuse.

How to Delete a Domain Order in Hostgator

We've all been there. You submit a domain order only to realize you made a mistake. Fortunately, HostGator allows you to delete any order for a new domain name.

1.   Log in to the cPanel on your hosting account

2.   Locate the domain you want to delete

3.   Click "Order Details"

4.   Select the "Delete Order" link

5.   Confirm the selection

Take Advantage of ResellerClub at HostGator Hosting Domains Services

HostGator allows anyone to create a ResellerClub domain registration account for free if they utilize one of its reseller hosting plans.

It lets you run a hosting business and make some extra cash on the side. You can manage and register domains for clients all from one place.

HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to anyone who cancels an account. The same does not apply to domain deletion.

The company has short money-back grace periods for top-level domains (TLDs), although the length varies based on the extension.

For example, a .com extension comes with a four-day grace period. The same goes for .biz, .net, .tv, and roughly two dozen other options. Some extensions like .ca and .uk have zero-day grace periods.

Contact HostGator Support Services

Contact HostGator Support Services

You can search "HostGator delete domain" for answers online. Sometimes, though, it helps to have another person guide you through the process.

If you're stuck on your domain deletion, contact the live support team at HostGator.

The award-winning staff is available to assist users 24/7 so that you can get help whenever you encounter an issue.

You can also reach a representative through an online ticket system or by searching the HostGator Knowledge-Base.

These free resources will connect you with solutions to all your website problems, whether you want to delete a domain or add disk space and bandwidth.

Get started with the assistance you need by calling (415) 236-1970 in the United States, (20) 7099 1834 in the United Kingdom, and 22 6720 9090 in India.

The Bottom Line

Deleting a domain only takes a few moments and is far easier than the Weblogic domain deletion process. Just follow the steps in this article, and you'll avoid any unwanted charges on your next credit card statement.

Make sure you have a new primary domain before you begin.

Also, double-check that you have a valid domain before adding it to your HostGator account.

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