WebLogic Server (WLS) is an application server that allows a user to develop and deploy applications.

Though WLS utilizes a Configuration Wizard to help users perform basic actions and commands, there is currently no related feature to delete a domain from the server.

We've created this guide to help you delete a domain from WLS in a few simple steps as there is no easy deleted domains software. If you want to delete a WLS domain, read ahead and follow these steps closely.

What Is a WebLogic Domain?

WebLogic domains are different from domains you will find on a typical domain registry.

On WLS, the term "domain" refers to a basic administrative unit of the WebLogic Server. WLS domains can include three primary components:

Administrative server: A WLS domain always includes one instance configuration that acts as the administrative server.

Administrative servers provide a central point for managing the domain and give users access to the WLS administration tools.

Managed servers: A managed server refers to any other instance within the domain. These instances can host resources and application components.

Clusters: WLS domains can also contain clusters or groups of managed servers that can improve the domain performance.

Becoming familiar with your WebLogic domain is an essential step in confidently deleting a domain when the time comes.

How to Delete a Domain—WebLogic Server

Currently, WebLogic does not offer an automatic Configuration Wizard feature to remove domains in comparison its easy to delete your Hostgator domain.

As a result, you will need to delete the domain manually by accessing and removing the domain location from your domain-registry.xml file.

Follow these steps to remove or delete a domain on WebLogic. As an example, let's say we want to delete the domain titled "spamzilla_domain."

1. Stop All Processes Associated With the Domain

Before you remove the domain, you will need to stop all of its current processes.

2. Locate the Domain File in Your Oracle_Home File Manager

After you stop the domain processes, you will need to open the domain-registry.xml file in your Oracle_Home manager. You can enter this file path to locate the correct folder:


3. Find the Correct Domain Location Entry

Once you have located the domain registry file, search for the entry that includes the domain location you would like to remove. Our example domain would look like this:

<domain location="/u01/app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/spamzilla_domain"/>

4. Remove the Domain Entry From the Registry

Once you have located the relevant entry, highlight it and remove it from the domain registry file.

<domain location="/u01/app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/spamzilla_domain"/>

5. Open the Node Manager

Next, find the nodemanager.domains file. This file will be in the same folder as the domain registry. You can enter this file path to locate the nodemanager.domains file:

$Middleware_HOME \wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager\

6. Remove the Domain Entry from the Common Node Manager

Find the nodemanager.domains file line that contains the name of your domain. Our entry looks like this:


Please note: This step only applies if you are not using a per-domain manager. If you are, you can skip to step 7.

7. Remove the Domain Folder From Your Directory

Your final step is to delete the domain folder in your applications and domains folders.

These folders will have the following names:


$Middleware_HOME\user_projects\ applications\spamzilla_domain

So its might be far easier to delete a domain at Bluehost, but removing a domain from a WLS would be easier with assistance from the Configuration Wizard, following these steps to a T will allow you to remove your domain from your directory quickly.

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